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    Welcome to the official website of KALA BHABAN, a Art School.

    Kala Bhaban is one of the finest Institution cum Studio of West Bengal for Fine Arts, Commercial Arts and Crafts. Beside providing quality training of Arts, Crafts and activities we professionally execute various Commercial Artwork consignments including Oil & Dry Pastel Painting, Terracotta, Sculpture, Wall Painting, Wall Relief, Mural Work, Stage Decoration, Interior Designing, Garden & Park Landscaping, etc.

    For any Art related assistance please contact:

    +91 9476357732

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    KALA BHABAN is one of the finest Institution cum Studio of West Bengal for Fine Arts, Commercial Arts and Crafts.

    Sri Jhulan Mehatari is a young, dynamic and talented artist completed 5 years Diploma in Fine Arts with specialization in Painting, Terracotta & Mural Work. During this short span of professional career as a full time Artist he already participated in several exhibition in Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) and Gaganendra Pradarsansala (Kolkata). Mr. Mehatari is also a performer of Stage Drawing Show like Speed Painting, Sand Art, Signature Painting, etc. in various T.V. Channels and Cultural Programmes.

    •    Mural work at Raniganj & Bokaro Railway Station.
    •    Stage Decoration in Kolkata Citizen Park (Mohar Kunj).
    •    Building decoration in Salt Lake & Santiniketan.
    •    Park Decoration in Dubrajpur Municipality.
    •    Sculpture & Relief Work at Dubrajpur Block in 2013.

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    PAINTING : Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment or color to a surface as walls, paper, canvas, wood, glass, clay, copper or concrete. The application of the medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush or hand.

    TERRACOTTA : The raw material for this craft is ordinary clay. The clay is cleaned, mixed and then shaped into desired object. The items are dried, fired and glazed as per the requirements.

    MURAL : Mural is any piece of artwork painted or sculptured directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Artwork materials may be Pastel, Cement, Clay, Moulten Fibre, Plaster of Paris, Stone Dust & Paper Pulp, etc.


    •    Drawing Classes
    •    Art Exhibition
    •    Interior Designing
    •    Amazing Drawing Show
    •    Garden & Park Landscaping
    •    Sculpture & Wall Relief
    •    Stage & Building Decoration
    •    Sand Art, Speed & Sign. Drawing
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  • Main Page
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    Dubrajpur (Kabirajpara), Word No. 6
    Dist. : Birbhum, West Bengal
    PIN : 731123

    Contact No(s). : +91 9476357732
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